The joy of HTML

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the language that web pages are written in, but how does it work? In this page, I hope to cover the basics so you can also see how to make a web page.

By hand or WYSIWYG

Under construction GIF from now dead Geocities
I remember Geocities, out of mercy I didn't grab the animated version of this :)

In the begining, there was Geocities and notepad for developing web sites(okay, not the very begining, but definatly an earlier chapter in the history of the world wide web). Now days, most web pages are developed in fancy editors or development suites, with few being simple enough to code by hand with all of todays features. Although for enterprise or professional level work you will undoubtedly use an environment such as Adobe Dreamweaver, the importance of understanding the underlying code can not be understated, for debuging, tweaking, and general knowledge purposes.

By the way...

Down below there is an image that states this site is w3c valid xhtml 1.0, but clicking on said image shows an error... but for the virtue of having everything work like they should, I have also hosted these pages at in order to have a target for the validator to work on. It also lets the perl script on the contact page return its little blip for a feeling of interactivity. Since it is a smaller public server it can take a few times to get through.