Hosting Issues

Now that your web page is coded up and working fine, there are a few other issues to be mindful of. One of the first is where are you going to host it at? In chosing a service provider, one must look at what the server is running, i.e. Windows, Linux, BSD, etc. If your site relies on ASP, you will need to use Windows, otherwise PHP, perl, python and other scripting languages are cross-platform and can be hosted on any OS. A popular server setup known as LAMP for Linux - Apachee - MySQL - PHP provides for a robust solution for those wanting to do more with their site than static pages, such as implementing a forum or ecommerce site.


The following links deal with some more estoric issues on the matters of design, style, and validation

  1. Web Standards checklist - An excelent checklist to go through for evaluating the design elements of your site.
  2. Periodic Table of Elements - A periodic table of web elements, including html 5 tags, wonderfully done site.
  3. W3C Validation Service - The W3C validator, to ensure that your pages are valid code.
  4. Universal Usability - A site dedicated to not just making sites accessable, but useable to everyone.
  5. CSS Zen Garden - A beautiful site that changes its apearance just by selecting a diffrent css layout on the sidebar, demonstrating just how powerfull css can be.

Linux links

Finally, we have some Linux links in case you want to host your site on your own computer